Headshot Day Was a Great Success!

Headshot Day at my East Toronto Studio was this past weekend.  It was a great success.  Several people came out to the studio to create a brand-new headshot and we also created some branding shots.  Both looks turned out fabulous!

I was pleased to meet and photograph a variety of professionals for various reasons.  They ranged from a new headshot for the corporate directory, a promotional shot of themselves for their new business or it was just time to update their older image, everyone left happy.

My sessions always begin with a conversation to determine the end use of the image and to get a sense of the subjects ideas or thoughts.  Some people brought a couple of outfits to consider and I was able to guide them based on what we thought would photograph best.  The background was selected and then I got down to photography!  By far, my most favourite part!

One thing that I do very well is lighting… I analysis each persons face and set my lighting to best highlight their features.

We took a variety of poses with different expressions and then moved onto viewing the raw images.   The main benefit of viewing the images directly after the session is that if something in not quite right… we can identify it and just go right back to camera.  It doesn’t happen that often, but when it does, it has proven to be an incredible step of the process that ensures that people leave happy.   Selections were made and we said our goodbyes.   Since then, I have been busy retouching the images and have just recently delivered them.  All within a few days of the session!

I am really looking forward to seeing them in use!

“A picture is worth a thousand words”, so let me spare you more reading : )  Here are some samples of what went on.

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