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Headshots and More

With so much business being done online, your image matters!  You need to be portrayed like the professional that you are.  Selfies just won't do! 

When you come to our studio for a headshot session, we custom light you based on your facial analysis. This ensures we are getting your "best side".  With a variety of backgrounds to choose from,  you will be photographed with a range of expressions and flattering poses.  You will view and select your favourite images.  Your selections will be enhanced with expert retoucing... we all deserve a little "photoshop love". 

They will be delivered to you with a virtual bow.


Web and Business Branding

Small business and entrepennuers are changing the world!  It is so important that your first impression makes a big impact.  Custom images of you and your business are accessible and affordable!

Let's create a series of images that you can use throughout your website and social media accounts!

Whether we are in studio taking dymanic images of you, or at your location, branding tells your story of who you are and what you do.

Headshot Day at the Office

Headshot Day at the Office

Do you have a group of 6 or more people needing Headshots?

We can come to your location and create fabulous headshots of your team on one covenient day.  Plan it for when you have a team meeting or a special event day for your clients.  You can view your images online or we can select you final image right there!

Event Services


We photograph conferences, conventions, award ceremonies, events, gala parties, AGM's, golf tournaments.  Whatever your event is that requires professional photography for PR, promotion, social media, news or posterity... we have got you covered!  Service can range from candid to full lighting set up for large groups.  Please call for a customized quote.

Headshots and Branding Rates

Let’s create a current, fabulous new look.
Whether you need a new headshot for business, social media or to brand your business or website, we will consult and customize your photo session to suit your needs! 
Customized lighting designed to suit your unique features is the hallmark of a session with Sandra Strangemore.  Our portrait lighting set up is as individual as you.
You choose from several backdrops. 
After your  fun, dynamic session we view and select your final images either immediately  following the session or at a follow up session online or in person.



In Addition



 - 1 hour session time

- Up to 2 hour session time

additional hours - $200,           with 2 additional keepers.

2 Keepers 

high res, retouched files

- 5 Keepers

- high res, retouched files

additional keepers - high res retouched files - $80 each

One wardrobe change

Unlimited wardrobe changes

Hair and makeup person on set starts at $175

At our studio, indoor with 

white/black or grey background

One location of your choice, within the GTA.  

Headshot on location please add $150 for travel fee.

Plan to view and select your images immediately after your session!

Plan to view and select your images in a follow up session either online or in studio.

Parking fees and HST are not included.

Do you have a group of 6 or more people needing Headshots? 
Please contact us about our Headshot Day program.
We also can create a custom quote for you if your needs don’t quite match what we are offering, please ask.

Headshot Day at the Office


  1. Choose a headshots date at your location

  2. Have employees sign-up 

  3. Employees receive their coached headshot session

  4. Pick your favorite headshots from online proofs on select on site

  5. Receive your retouched  headshot photos

Convenient. Easy. Professional. Our Headshot Day program produces the best quality professional headshots for your team, with minimal effort on your part. We come to your location and handle the entire process for you.

With our online scheduling, each member of your team can see the available times and sign up. You don’t have to coordinate. We confirm with each person before their session, letting them know when to come, what to bring and how to prepare.

The day of the session we arrive and set up our studio at your location which is very convenient.  We can either view and select your images on site or a few days after the session, each person receives an email link to online proofs to view. They can pick their shots directly from us, or you can have final approval. We then retouch the photos and send them to you in individual folders for posting or printing.

The  Headshot Day program includes a 20-minute coached headshot session and choice of backgrounds. The rate is $99 per person.  

To take advantage of this rate... a minimum of 6 people must me booked.  We can certainly photograph fewer, but different rates apply.

QuickPhoto Program for Large Numbers of Headshots in One Day

The Headshot Day QuickPhoto program provides headshots for companies, organizations or events that need a large number of headshots in a short period of time. We set up a headshot station where your team members spend 5 minutes with the professional photographer. Each person gets a great headshot that can be used on a website or social media.

The base program is 4 hours for $1560. We can photograph up to 12 people per hour so in four hours we can photograph 48 people. Additional hours are $390 per hour.

Each person needs to come to the session ready to go with their hair, makeup and clothing they way they want to look. We will coach them for the best poses and expression.

Within a day after the session we will email a dropbox link to the photos to each person.

Family Portraits

Creating your Legacy

The reasons why people want to have their family portrait taken is as unique as each family.  The birth of a child, your children are growing up and moving on, a special occasion or the realization that none of us will be here forever.

Homes will always have a need for beautiful art to adorn their walls, and what could be more elegant and meaningful than a piece of art of that which is most precious to your family...a celebration of your love for each other captured in timeless elegance.

There is something inherently sophisticated about the classic wall portrait.

We can create beautiful works of family art, that will hang on your walls and will ensure that throughout time your legacy and your family are memorialized.

We can create images in the studio (up to 6 people) or at a location that is important to you.

Sessions start at $225.

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