Photography by Sandra Strangemore

Because your image matters...

Legacy Portraits

A legacy portrait on the wall stands the test of time.  It represents you/your family to your future generations when they walk into the home that has it proudly displayed.  Beautiful crafted photography,  properly displayed, in they style of the “old masters”,  is what a legacy portrait is.

I particularly enjoy doing these type of photo sessions.   This style of photography is timeless and creates a legacy for your future generations.  Think of how much you value and appreciate the beautiful portraits of your families’ previous generations.  The people in those photos made the decision that this was important to do, and they got it done.  Now 25, 50, 75 years later, you have a sense of who they were through their photograph.  It matters.

This cannot be accomplished by taking 3000 selfies.   A portrait crafted by a photographic artist, is special.  It will be valued and honoured long past your time here.


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