Branding – In Studio

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

When people look for you online… What do they see?  And what does it say about you and your brand?

Within the first 3 seconds of seeing your image,  an impression has already been made to the people who are looking at it.

Studio branding allows us to have maximum control over lighting and conditions.  Through facial analysis and studio lighting I am able to bring out your “best side”.    A dramatic set up, soft or all business… we can create custom images to suit your purpose.

I have worked with people in all walks of life and in various roles.  With over 20 years experience shooting editorial photographs for magazines, I tell stories through photography.

     So, whether you’re currently a business professional, an entrepreneur,  job seeker or hoping to maintain professional connections,  professional photographs serve as a valuable tool to gain traction in the corporate world.

Rates start at $300.  Please call or email for the complete price/service menu.


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